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A DIY Teepee

You know how sometimes you have an item on your “To Do” list for what feels like forever, and it just keeps getting bumped from one month to the next?  It seems like no matter what, you just don’t seem to get around to it?  Well, that was this DIY teepee for me; it had been on my “To Do” list for a very, very long time!  At long last, I buckled down and made it for my kiddos for Christmas this year, and I can honestly say, I really wish I had done it sooner because they love it!  Plus, it was incredibly easy to make!  Here it is all set up on Christmas Eve:

I largely based the teepee off the instructions that can be found here, modifying as necessary to account for the fact that I could not find 57″-60″ fabric anywhere (hence why my teepee has a white border at the top).  The instructions provided by Personal Creations are incredibly user-friendly and I expect could be navigated by a novice sewer with relative ease.  I think the only additional modification I may make to the teepee is to add a piece of fabric as a floor, which I think might help keep the poles in place slightly better (we haven’t had any issues with them moving around yet, but I expect they may shift a bit if the littles get rambunctious in there!).  A bonus note not mentioned on the website: this teepee folds right up and can easily be stored away laying flat if you need some extra room, which I love!  And by the looks of it, I’m not the only one who loves this bad boy (my son was playing camera shy but my daughter was happy to play peek-a-boo Christmas morning!).


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