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A DIY Pettiskirt

The day I found out that my second child was a baby girl was the day I decided I was going to make her the pinkest, fluffiest pettiskirt for her first birthday party and cake smash photos.  Little did I realize what I was signing up for.  Pettiskirts are no joke, my friend.  If you plan to make one, block off a LOT of time in your calendar; these suckers take forever to make.  Not necessarily due to difficulty (I would classify pettiskirts as moderately difficult, certainly not for the novice sewer but not just for the advanced either), but due to the endless amount of gathering required.

In making the pettiskirt, I followed a tutorial from Little Bits of Bliss that can be found here.  Pettiskirts are inherently complicated simply because of the volume of material used, and I found Ali’s instructions to be the clearest and simplest to follow.  Here is how it turned out:

I am so incredibly happy with how the pettiskirt turned out.  At the end of the day, I am happy I made it myself as well.  I can honestly say, though, that it was one of the least enjoyable things I have ever sewed!  If you are seriously considering making one of these pettiskirts, read the intro to the tutorial by Little Bits of Bliss, the relevant part of which I will repeat here: Yes folks, making these things really can be that bad!  Fortunately, my daughter didn’t seem to mind when it came time to taking her cake smash photos!

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