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A DIY Crochet Pumpkin Hat

As I was planning my daughter’s first birthday party, which was a Vintage Pumpkin and Roses theme, I was really struggling with what to have as the party favours for her little guests.  Miniature pumpkins that they could decorate was an obvious one, but I wanted something more that they could keep (and would not rot – haha!).  Since the party favours at my son’s first birthday party included tiny, adorable sailor hats, I really wanted to make hats for Reaghan’s party guests as well.  Only the party theme didn’t lend itself quite as well to themed hats… until I came across this adorable crochet pattern for pumpkin hats!  Only problem was that I had no idea how to crochet.  Minor detail, right?  Haha!  Well, thanks to my wonderful friend, Anastassija (who not only taught me how to crochet, but also made half of the hats, along with the stems and leaves), each little party guest got to take home one of these adorable, custom made pumpkin hats!  Check them out:

And here is a picture of the party gal rocking her pumpkin hat (GAH!):

I’m so thankful to Anastassija for teaching me how to crochet as it is something I have wanted to learn for awhile now.  It was no easy task for her; I’m ambidextrous and crocheting requires a dominant hand, so I really struggled with it!  Now that I have the basics down, though, I cannot wait to crochet all sorts of other DIY projects!

Are you an avid crocheter?  I would love to see some of the projects you have made.  Please share below!

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