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Can You Dig It? A Construction Themed Second Birthday Party!

My son has been obsessed with construction vehicles since the day he learnt how to push the toy ones around the room.  Anything with wheels, actually, rocks his world, but construction vehicles in particular are a favourite.  So it took me approximately 0.5 seconds to decide on the theme for his second birthday party.  After all, since his first birthday party was my favourite theme, it only seemed fair that his second birthday party be his favourite! 😉

I was working full time and 7 months pregnant at the time of Aiden’s second birthday party. Needless to say, I needed some help!  Fortunately, Aiden’s nanny (Shannon) was totally on board to help out.  I definitely could not have pulled off this party without her!  And, of course, a big thanks to my husband who was also a huge help with making my party visions come to life!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the opportunity to take as many pictures of the birthday party as I had hoped; maybe due to the fact that I was moving a little slower those days (pregnancy combined with heat doesn’t tend to result in the fastest moving individuals).  In any event, here are the pictures I do have – I hope you enjoy and are able to find some great party ideas!

While walking down our pylon-lined driveway, guests went past a Bobcat that one of our very kind neighbours lent us for the party.  All of the “Crew Members” received a hard hat with their name written on it when they arrived to the “Construction Site”.  All paper products were created by the very talented Heather Dalton of Chickabug then printed and assembled by myself and Shannon.

The food table was full of tasty themed snacks for guests to munch on before BBQ burgers and hot dogs were served. A bright yellow wheel barrel full of drinks sat next to the table.

The sweet treat table had loads of themed goodies, including “Wrecking Balls” (Tim Bits), “Paint Brushes” (Rice Krispy squares dipped in melted candy) and “Spare Tires” (mini glazed donuts – sadly, I couldn’t find mini chocolate donuts anywhere!).  “Crew Punch” (orange punch) was available for serving in glass mason jars with striped paper straws and custom flags.  In the centre of the table sat Aiden’s birthday cake (the bulldozer); that cake was definitely a lot of work but it was completely worth it because his face completely lit up when he saw it for the first time!  More details about the cake can be found here.

The backdrop for the sweet treat table was a giant piece of peg board that I hung a bunch of different tools from.  Balloon clusters in construction colours on either side completed the look!

A “Digging Zone” was set up, complete with a mountain of sand and loads of construction vehicles for the little ones to keep busy.  Aiden’s wonderful nanny hand made him the most spectacular toy box for his birthday – the wood dump truck in the background of these photos.  We filled it with construction vehicles for the kids to play with in the “Digging Zone” and sat back to watch while the “Crew Members” got completely filthy!  This area was definitely a big hit with the little ones!

Another play area was set up (in the background of the first picture) that included a large box wrapped in craft paper and an assortment of tools, including toy saws, screw drivers and hammers and “nails” (golf tees that kids could hammer into the box!).  It definitely kept the “Crew Members” busy!

Those hats sure were cute!

EDIT - DSC_1695_657
EDIT - DSC_1649_653
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The Bobcat was definitely a hit!

One happy birthday boy blowing out his candles!

Have you held a construction themed party for your little one? I would love to hear what you did!

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