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A DIY Nautical Themed Cake Smash Outfit

From the moment I started planning Aiden’s first birthday party, I knew I wanted to have a cake smash photo shoot beforehand.  I mean, there really aren’t too many things that are cuter than a chubby baby covered with cake and icing!  And no cake smash session would be complete without an adorable cake smash outfit, of course.  Since I was a pretty avid sewer at the time of Aiden’s first birthday, I was completely set on making the cake smash outfit myself.  Overall I was quite happy with how it turned out:

 I had ordered a whole bunch of nautical themed material online from a store called Hawthorne Supply Co. for various DIY crafts for Aiden’s first birthday party. This material was, by far, my favourite, so the decision of what to make his cake smash outfit with was an easy one.  I wanted to stick with something basic for the outfit, so a simple bowtie with a diaper cover and suspenders fit the bill!  The birthday boy certainly seemed to agree:

EDIT - DSC_0672_495
EDIT - DSC_0661_489
EDIT - DSC_0667_493
EDIT - DSC_0647_493

The bowtie was made using an online tutorial that can be found here.  As for the diaper cover and suspenders, I DIY created those items, based off a few measurements I took of Aiden!

Have you made a cake smash outfit for your little one? Leave a picture in the comments section below – I would love to see what it looks like!

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